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Curious Freedom squiggle depicting confusion through to clarity.


Our podcast is filled with great conversations, tips and tricks for how you can declutter along at home!

Curious Freedom with Kirsty Farrugia and Friends is our podcast. Join us as we explore all things decluttering and what Curious Freedom means for us all.

With over 380+ past conversations and more than 3 million downloads. Scroll on the episodes to your left and you can find all of our back catalogue. 

Previously the RSS feed was called The Art of Decluttering, but we gave it a re-fresh embracing this new level of curiosity and freedom.

We are no longer creating content for the podcast but might again one day. Stay subscribe if you want to know when we return. 

We are also no longer seeing clients as at 28th February 2024. We hope you still find your curious freedom by listening to the podcast. 


Kind Words from Listeners

Congratulations Kirsty on your brand new podcast. I have loved listening and spending time with you and your guests. I love your new logo and am cheering you on with all my heart.

Mandy Hose

Apple Podcast Review 03/03/2023

I love listening along all things decluttering and organising but what is refreshing is the way that Kirsty and friends reframe and talk about decluttering, touching on the mindset and thoughts happening behind decluttering. The emotions, feelings and challenges you may face and discussed with warmth, compassion and understanding. Recommend to everyone!


Apple Podcast Review 22/2/23

The more untidy the house gets the more tension I feel! I’m so grateful for these wise and helpful hints and suggestions that don’t just fix an issue for a moment, but can change habits and give a permanent solution to clutter and stress!

Apple Podcast Review 21/8/17

What a great podcast! I’m telling you folks stick this on as you delve into a decluttering session and time will fly by. At the end you are refreshed by the changes you have made and the space you now have, not exhausted like you thought you would be. These two lovely ladies have amazing tips that are achievable. I have recently started listening as I declutter before an interstate move. So thankful I won’t be now filling up a container with mountains of ‘stuff’ I don’t really like or need. I am so thankful I have discovered gems like you two. You two ladies are like gentle gym instructors who give people and their homes a good workout! I look forward to the move as I feel I can now ‘breathe’ just that bit better knowing I won’t have so much to take with me and then unpack at the other end!


Apple Podcast Review 23/5/22

Thank you Kirsty for inviting us into a deeper understanding of how freedom and decluttering are interconnected. I love this new direction. Still oodles of practical tips and ideas and also adding such wisdom to helping us understand our ‘why.’ Wishing you all the best Kirsty!


Apple Podcast Review 22/2/2023

Curiosity is the invitation

Freedom the destination


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