Declutter Coaches who help you go from clutter to clarity and find your curious freedom

Do you struggle to find what you need as you race out the door?

Have you tried decluttering and organising your home, but it doesn’t flow?

Do you know how you want your home to feel but are overwhelmed by the thought of doing it yourself?

Are you tired of the never-ending merry-go-round of housework and tidying up that means you don’t get to do the things that light YOU up?

We are so excited that you have found us!

As Declutter Coaches, we work alongside you to see these frustrations become a thing of the past.

We work with you to declutter and then organise and create unique systems, habits and mindsets that will help you keep your home working well for your desired life.

The Curious Freedom team are fun and creative while being sensitive and respectful of your unique situation. Best of all, our Declutter Coaches are right there every step of the way, guiding and coaching you in the skills you need to live clutter-free.

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Our Services


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Our experienced Declutter Coaches work 1:1 with you to help you declutter and organise your home. Through their encouraging, supportive approach and guiding questions, they help you work through the emotions along the way while helping you to achieve the practical results you desire.

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Whether you are moving into a Tiny home or downsizing in retirement, our Declutter Coaches are committed to supporting you through the process of downsizing every step of the way. We help you to declutter your current home and help you organise your new home for your next adventure.

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Moving House

We know how overwhelming and stressful a house move can be, and we also see the importance of decluttering before you move. Having a plan catered to your circumstances can make all the difference. We can work with you to declutter, pack, unpack and organise your new home.

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To support you or your family’s daily living, life skills and independence, we can help to declutter and organise your home to facilitate the unique NDIS goals you or your family member has.

We work with self-managed NDIS plans.

Curiosity is the invitation

Freedom the destination

Curious Freedom was created to help embrace your curiosity about what freedom from clutter can look like for your unique self.

As Declutter Coaches, our passion is seeing you become curious about your possessions, thoughts, and feelings. We love watching the transformation in individuals, homes, and families like yours as they discover the freedom of living with less clutter.

We believe in tailoring our services and personalising our approach to fit your needs and goals. We will get to know you and your unique lifestyle, household and preferences so we can provide the decluttering experience you deserve.

If you are frustrated and sick of the clutter in your home, we invite you to get curious with us!

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Ready To Get Started?

Book in for a free phone consultation to discover how we can help you go from clutter to clarity and find freedom today!





Kind Words


Kirsty is a wonderful Declutter Coach, it’s terrific to work with her.

Kirsty is the kind of person who looks for strengths and beauty in everyone. You can trust her to listen and understand what you want to achieve.

She will work alongside you, giving the skills and encouragement you need to reach your goals.


I have been feeling completely overwhelmed in all sorts of areas of my life for quite some time.

I had one particular room that I just had to leave the door shut and felt that was part of my road block. Your team member came and in a little over 4 hours we totally decluttered that space.

She kept me on task when I was prone to be side tracked. I am taking time to breathe and relax in what has been achieved. This result makes me realise it is possible. My husband is blown away by the change in just one day.


Curious Freedom came and helped with sorting out our garage and was nothing short of amazing!

Not an easy task considering my husband finds it hard to let go of stuff. We now have a clean and spacious garage that we can even set up a little workout space.

So happy with the service and am already planning on getting them back to start on other projects.


Curious Freedom team is amazing! I work from home and my office was a nightmare. I had tried a number of times to start to declutter without success and your team member made it so easy. Within three hours I had a completely new and inviting office.

She had some great tips and wouldn’t let me just relocate items to another area of the house to sort later. She brought out the ruthlessness in me and I got rid of so much stuff I didn’t need.


Kirsty and her team don’t do the decluttering for the client; they work with the client, so that they can talk about the process as they work.
What makes Kirsty and her staff so special is that they go far beyond the physical decluttering; they empower people by coaching them, helping them understand  why the clutter builds up in the first place.
The Curious Freedom team teach grace and compassion, whilst working through the emotional connections with possessions.

Declutter Coaches who help you go from clutter to clarity & find your curious freedom

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