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Declutter Coaches who help you go from clutter to clarity and find your curious freedom

Downsizing or moving into a smaller house, apartment or retirement home at any age or life stage can be stressful. Difficult decisions must be made for those planning to downsize, and the number of decisions about what stays and what goes can be overwhelming.

It can be a slow and emotional process for those moving from the family home filled with many memories and treasured possessions.

We know the pain letting go can bring in these situations and understand the toll it can take on you and your loved ones. Whether you are moving into a Tiny home or downsizing in the best twilight years of your life, our team is committed to supporting you through the process of downsizing every step of the way.

How We Help


We can help you create a plan so that your downsizing can be as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Pre-Move Declutter

Whether we are helping you declutter pre-sale (a clear and clutter-free home invites the right buyers) or you are moving into your first home, it’s fantastic only to move what you genuinely love and use.


We love packing up homes with clearly labelled boxes so you can rest in the knowledge that your possessions have been packed in a way that is organised, safe and secure.

Unpack & Set Up

We help you unpack and organise your precious belongings in a way that works best for your needs so you can start to live the life you’ve dreamed about.

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Kind Words


Kirsty is a wonderful Declutter Coach, it’s terrific to work with her.

Kirsty is the kind of person who looks for strengths and beauty in everyone. You can trust her to listen and understand what you want to achieve.

She will work alongside you, giving the skills and encouragement you need to reach your goals.


I have been feeling completely overwhelmed in all sorts of areas of my life for quite some time.

I had one particular room that I just had to leave the door shut and felt that was part of my road block. Your team member came and in a little over 4 hours we totally decluttered that space.

She kept me on task when I was prone to be side tracked. I am taking time to breathe and relax in what has been achieved. This result makes me realise it is possible. My husband is blown away by the change in just one day.


Curious Freedom came and helped with sorting out our garage and was nothing short of amazing!

Not an easy task considering my husband finds it hard to let go of stuff. We now have a clean and spacious garage and we can even set up a little workout space.

So happy with the service and am already planning on getting them back to start on other projects.


Curious Freedom team is amazing! I work from home and my office was a nightmare. I had tried a number of times to start to declutter without success and your team member made it so easy. Within three hours I had a completely new and inviting office.

She had some great tips and wouldn’t let me just relocate items to another area of the house to sort later. She brought out the ruthlessness in me and I got rid of so much stuff I didn’t need.


Kirsty and her team don’t do the decluttering for the client; they work with the client, so that they can talk about the process as they work.
What makes Kirsty and her staff so special is that they go far beyond the physical decluttering; they empower people by coaching them, helping them understand  why the clutter builds up in the first place.
The Curious Freedom team teach grace and compassion, whilst working through the emotional connections with possessions.





Price List

Virtual Planning Session

$100 p/h

Anywhere around the world


Anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home


Help to plan the house move


Expert guidance every step of the way


Individualised coaching


Support to work through the overwhelm and stress a house move can cause


As many sessions as you need, no minimum contracts

Single Session


4 Hours


Individualised Coaching with one Coach


Expert guidance every step of the way


Help to plan the house move


Hands-on-help decluttering so you only take into your new home what you truly love and use


Help packing up your home


Support to work through the overwhelm and stress a house move can cause


Help unpacking in your new home


Innovative and creative solutions for all your organising needs in your new home


Help in establishing routines, systems and processes to help you maintain your new home


Donations delivered for you to a charity shop


Travel fee included up to 1 hour each way


As many sessions as you need, no minimum contracts

Twice the Fun


4 Hours with 2 Declutter Coaches


Individualised Coaching with two Coaches


Includes all the benefits of our 1:1 coaching sessions with more


Twice the hands and feet to get you moved faster


Extra support to help you and your family through the process


Travel fee included up to 1 hour each way


As many sessions as you need, no minimum contracts

Next Steps

1. Schedule your free phone consultation or call our bookings team directly so we can get to know you and talk about how we can best help you.

2. Book your initial decluttering session with your personal Declutter Coach.

3. You can book further sessions if needed during your initial session. You’ll keep working with the same Declutter Coach.

4. Access ongoing support and share your story through our Facebook Community Group and Podcast.

5. We can support you with a maintenance session every 3 to 6 months to help you live free or whenever you are curious.

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Declutter Coaches who help you go from clutter to clarity & find your curious freedom

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What is a Declutter Coach?

As Declutter Coaches and Professional Organisers, we walk alongside you through the decluttering process, helping you make the decisions that are right for you.

We help you get curious about your possessions by asking great questions and coach you through the decision-making process involved to let go of the things that do not serve you or make you smile.

We then work with you to organise and create unique systems, habits and mindsets that will help you to keep your home functioning well so you can enjoy the freedom that brings.

Often decluttering is not as simple as a three-step process or a one size fits all and that’s where our experienced Declutter Coaches come in. Through their gentle approach and guiding questions, they help you work through the emotions along the way while still helping you to achieve the practical results you desire. 

Each of our Declutter Coaches has incredible decluttering and organising experience. They also have unique personalities which we love as we believe it’s important that clients are matched with a Declutter Coach to suit their needs and personality. 

How long will it take?

Well, that depends on the amount of stuff you have in your house and which services you are wanting to use. The number of sessions needed will depend on whether we are helping you:

  1. Declutter for your house sale 
  2. Declutter your stuff so you only take with you into your new home what you truly love and use.
  3. Pack up your home 
  4. Unpack and organise your new home


In our experience, on average it takes 1-2 sessions to declutter and pack/organise one space.

Do you help declutter before packing?

We always recommend doing as much decluttering as early as you can when moving and/or downsizing.
It helps to reduce the amount that has to be packed and then unpacked in your new home. 

Decluttering will also help with presenting the house for photos and open homes if you are selling. 

Do you provide packing boxes?

We do not provide packing boxes but will help you source packing boxes and make a list of all the things you will need to move home with as little stress as possible.

Do you organise the removalists?

We can help you during our planning to book a removalist.

Do you provide help with the moving on the day?

Yes, we can provide help on the big day with unpacking and organising. However, we do not provide removal trucks etc.

What is the booking process?

When you contact Curious Freedom to book decluttering sessions, you will have an initial consultation with someone from our bookings team.

We will chat with you about what you are wanting to see change in your home, what you want to achieve, your expectations and how a declutter session works.

We will also explain the costs, recommend the best decluttering package for your needs and then based on your location, your availability and that of our team, schedule the first session with your personal 1:1 Declutter Coach.

We then send you a form to be completed that will confirm the booking and take a deposit.

How does the first Declutter session work?

After the initial introductions, we talk to you about how you’d like your home to look and feel, and how you’d like it to function. We call this your vision for your space. It’s totally ok if at this stage you have no idea, we love helping people discover this!

We then ask you to take us on a quick tour of your home so we can get an overall understanding of how your home flows and currently functions. Then, we start the process of working with you to declutter, organise and set up solutions and systems that fit your unique requirements for lasting transformation. 

As Declutter Coaches we work alongside you to declutter first; declutter, declutter, declutter! Then we work with you to organise and create unique systems, habits and mindsets that will help you to keep your home working well for the freedom you desire.

What do I need to do before my first session?

Nothing! You don’t need to clean or tidy up before we come.  Please don’t try to hide those piles that sit on the kitchen bench or camouflage those problem areas. Seeing them helps us see the full picture and helps us know the areas where we can help transform!

Also, please wait until after your first session before buying containers or storage units. Sometimes we can repurpose furniture from other areas in the house to use for storage, we can discuss suitable options with you to purchase if needed and once the decluttering process has taken place, often you’ll find there is no need for extra storage solutions!   

You are warmly invited to join our Facebook Community so you can be encouraged in your decluttering by other amazing humans!

We also have podcasts freely available to help inspire you.

How will I be invoiced?

It is up to you!

At the time of booking we offer to either take a deposit of $135 or you can pay for the first session upfront.

If you choose to pay a deposit, after your first session you will be sent an invoice requesting the balance of your session.

If you are paying via your NDIS funding, invoices will be sent to you following your session.

Our payment terms are 7 days from the date of invoice.

Do you clean?

We are not a cleaning service.

However, we do some cleaning as part of our decluttering and organising process. For example, if we are working on a pantry, after taking all the food out, we will wipe down the shelves before replacing any items to be kept.

We use our discretion and ask you to help clean if needed. Our approach is always to do things with you, not for you.

What happens with the rubbish and recycling?

Normal household rubbish and recycling are placed in your bins. If there are larger amounts of rubbish, we can help during the session to find the best solution for disposal for you.

Options include: 

  • Many councils have regular Hard rubbish collections 
  • 1800-Got-Junk work in both Sydney and Melbourne. They will come out, pack the truck for you and remove everything. 
  • You can take a boot load or trailer full of rubbish to the local tip. This is a cheaper option than hiring someone.
  • You can book a local skip bin that can be delivered, packed on-site and then removed. You can google ‘skip bin’ in your suburb to find suitable services. 


What happens with the donations?

Our Declutter Coaches take as many donations as will fit in their cars and drop them off for you at a charity shop that is convenient.

If you would like your donations to be taken to a specific charity shop, please make arrangements for this yourself. 

If you have more donations than what will fit in your Declutter Coach’s car, we will help you during the session to book a donation pick up or help you put the donations in your car for you to drop off yourself.

Do you need me to work with you?

Yes. We are Declutter Coaches there to help you make the best decisions that are right for you regarding what stays in the home and what leaves.

It’s also important that you are present to discuss your unique requirements so the systems and processes that we put in place work for you and are suited to your unique needs. 

If you just need packing, then this can be done by us independently after you have given us instructions for your specific requirements.

If it is unpacking, then this too can be done independently after you have given us instructions for your specific requirements.

What is your Cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy is 2 business days. If the cancellation is less than 2 business days, the full fee will be  invoiced.

Do the kids need to be involved when decluttering their rooms/stuff?

We recommend kids 4 years old and up, are involved in the process. 

I don’t live in any of the areas you’ve mentioned. Can you still help me?

Yes, we offer virtual sessions for anyone who does not live in the service areas.

Do you charge more on weekends?

Yes, we charge an extra 10% on weekends to ensure our staff are fairly compensated.

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