This week on the podcast we have the incredibly heart-centered, Star Hansen, as our guest. Star is a Certified Professional Organizer from the States and she oozes love and compassion in everything she does. Star celebrates the beauty and resilience in every individual, even amidst life’s mess, (you can see why she’s now Kirsty’s BFF!).

Kirsty and Star have a candid conversation, exploring Star’s book ‘Why the F Am I Still Not Organized’ which focuses on the profound connection between emotions, healing, and the decluttering process.  You’ll learn about the unique approach Star brings to organising, emphasising trust, mindfulness, and starting small to reimagine the process from a gentle and loving perspective. Star encourages you to make peace with your inner critic and overcome self-doubt. 

Star encourages Curious ones to explore how clutter in different areas of your home corresponds to various aspects of your life, from nourishment to partnership, and how decluttering can help you identify and heal areas that may be causing blockages.

Star doesn’t see clutter as the enemy but as a friend and helps you reframe your mindset and find grace in organising, addressing the mental and emotional dimensions of clutter. Discover some of the ways people use clutter to meet their needs, and how understanding the “why” behind clutter can lead to creative and transformative solutions.

As a bonus, Star invites you to join her monthly community group for emotional healing and support, and get a sneak peek into their upcoming books.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

Star Hansen’s website  where you can get a free copy of her book!

Star’s Chaos to Calm membership

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Atlas of the Heart – Brene Brown’s book

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