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Do you ever find yourself setting plans for the next day and then failing to follow through? If so, it might be a form of self-sabotage. I’ve been there, and I’m sure many of you have too. It’s time to address it.

Sometimes, our inner critic can be pretty loud, and it can be tough to confront those aspects of ourselves that we’d rather not acknowledge. But here’s the thing, we’re not alone in this. We all go through it, and we all have a tendency to self-sabotage at times.

In a recent conversation with a friend, I realised some ways I had been sabotaging myself, and it was a real eye-opener. It’s not easy when someone points out things you can’t see about yourself, but it’s incredibly valuable.

The key here is to start showing up for ourselves, to become our own best friends and cheerleaders, rather than abandoning ourselves. So join me as I have a quick conversation with you about how we can show up for ourselves!


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