Have you ever heard these myths about personality types and clutter? Myth #1: Messy people are lazy and disorganised. Myth #2: Neat freaks are uptight and controlling.  In this episode, our guest, Kate Mason, will debunk these myths and share how understanding personality types can help improve relationships and communication.


Say hello to our inspiring guest, Kate Mason, a personality coach known for her unique perspective on understanding and accepting diverse temperaments. Rooted in her personal experiences as a mother to two wonderfully different children and a wife celebrating 37 years of marriage, Kate’s insights are deeply personal and relatable. Her journey commenced when her new sister-in-law gave her the book ‘Personality Plus,’ which helped her nurture empathy towards her husband’s contrasting temperament. Kate’s ability to draw upon her incredible journey to tap into the unique aspects of individuals makes her a compelling guest to listen to.


In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Investigate the distinct tidiness patterns in judging and perceiving personality types, catapulting you towards a cleaner, more organised space. 
  • Reflect on whether you lean more towards extroversion or introversion when it comes to where you get your energy from.
  • Explore the differences between intuition and sensing about how you perceive and interact with the world.
  • Consider whether you approach clutter and decluttering from a thinking or feeling perspective, focusing on logic or sentimentality.
  • Reflect on whether you lean more towards judging or perceiving when organising and tidying your space. Use the insights from personality typing to understand better and appreciate the unique perspectives and preferences of those around you.
  • Embrace that understanding personality types can lead to more effective communication, motivation, and relationship support.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Visit Kate Mason’s website to learn more about her personality coaching services and how they can help you understand yourself better.
  • Check out Kate’s podcast episodes to hear more about personality profiling and parenting.
  • Consider taking a Myers Briggs Type Indicator to understand your personality type better. 
  • Purchase Personality Plus here



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Season 2 Episode 36

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