In this episode of the Curious Freedom podcast, Kirsty Farrugia welcomes Mrg Simon, a professional organiser and author. Meg shares her journey from being a lawyer for 30 years to becoming a certified KonMari organiser. She specialises in helping clients transform their spaces into joyful and purposeful environments, particularly lawyers who appreciate her understanding of confidentiality.

Mrg introduces her planner, “My Intentional Year: Organizing My Life for Joy and Meaning.” The book focuses on intentional living, applying the KonMari philosophy not only to physical spaces but also to mental and life aspects. It features unique elements like illustrations for colouring, articles, tips, and inspiration. Mrg emphasises the importance of habits, routines, and maintaining a lifestyle aligned with one’s vision and purpose.

Listeners who purchase the book before March 15th gain access to a private Facebook group and monthly Zoom calls to foster community, accountability, and inspiration.

This episode highlights the significance of living intentionally, fostering creativity, and finding joy and meaning in one’s life.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

Designed to Stick – Mrg’s website

My Intentional Year – Book

Designed to Stick Facebook page

My Intentional Year Instagram page

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Season 2 Episode 40

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