In this solo episode, I take inspiration from our wonderful Curious Freedom Community on Facebook, where a friend, Jodie, posed a thought-provoking question: “Can you talk about when freedom feels so far away because you have so much to declutter?” ūü§Ē

I’m thrilled to tackle this topic and share my perspective on how Curious Freedom isn’t a distant destination but a companion in your everyday life. It’s all about intentionality‚ÄĒchoosing what you bring into your home, where you place things, and what you let go of.

You already have the seeds of Curious Freedom within you, whether your space is cluttered or minimalistic. It’s about embracing the process and being intentional in your daily life. I’ll even share a heartwarming poem by David Henson, reminding us to “count your losses” and find the right time to let go.

Remember, Curious Freedom is a journey, not a destination. It’s an ongoing process, and it’s perfectly normal to have moments when it seems out of reach. But rest assured, it’s always unfolding before you, inviting you to step into more freedom and curiosity.

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The resources mentioned in this episode are:

‚óŹ David Tensen‘s poetry

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