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Declutter Coaches who help you go from clutter to clarity and find your curious freedom

Hi!  I am Kirsty Farrugia, Founder of Curious Freedom.

I used to be a red hot mess! My house was messy, cluttered, and unorganised. I would lose gift cards, pay my bills late and leave washing on the line for days. I would regularly lose my keys, and there were always to-do piles all around the house. Then whenever friends and family came around, I would often find myself apologising for the mess. Sound familiar?

Do you know what changed?

I got sick of it! Frustrated with myself, I turned to the experts for help. I started watching and following people who were more organised than me, listened to their advice, and put it into practice. I practised, practised, practised. While I experimented and tweaked things to suit my lifestyle, I reminded myself why I was changing. I wanted a home that I felt comfortable in, where I could find what I needed when I needed it. I wanted to enjoy my space and have others enjoy it with me. And I wanted to have my future self thank me for all I had done rather than be continually frustrated.

Time spent decluttering my house and practising new habits and ways of thinking paid off! Now I love living in my home and find it easy to keep it clutter free and organised. It has given me more time to do the things I love! I love inviting people over, knowing that the home I’ve created is a welcoming space. I love paddleboarding with friends. I love hanging out with my tween/teenagers and hubby, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. I love reading fascinating books and listening to interesting podcasts. I love having inspiring conversations with friends, new and old.  


The journey started in 2012 when I entered a popular storage store and picked up their product magazine. Inside was an article about a Professional Organiser. It was my first introduction to the industry, and I knew that if I could grow and change from a red-hot mess, I could also help others do the same! I turned to my husband and asked him, “What would you think about me starting my own decluttering business?” He replied, “Go for it!” And my first business, Feels Like Home Professional Organisers, was born.

Feels like Home grew in leaps and bounds, just like my one and three-year-old children did at the time and continued to expand for the next few years. 

Then, just as my youngest was starting primary school, an old friend who was a Professional Organiser in Melbourne approached me to collaborate. We decided to do a podcast on decluttering and organising together. It was an instant success, reaching the top of the charts just a few weeks after launching. A few years and many podcasts later, we joined forces to create and grow The Art of Decluttering, where our main focus was on serving the NDIS market.

After much success, at the end of 2022, it was time to start dreaming afresh.

Curious Freedom was created to help embrace your curiosity about what freedom from clutter can look like for your unique self. As Declutter Coaches, our passion is seeing you become curious about your possessions, thoughts, and feelings. We love watching the transformation in individuals, homes, and families like yours as they discover the freedom of living with less clutter.

We believe in tailoring our services and personalising our approach to fit your needs and goals. We will get to know you and your unique lifestyle, household and preferences so we can provide the decluttering experience you deserve.

If you are frustrated and sick of the clutter in your home, we invite you to get curious with us!

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Our Difference



Respect and Sensitivity

We give you the space and freedom to be yourself.

We are sensitive and caring and approach the privilege of working with you without judgement.

We hold your situation with the utmost confidentiality and respect. 

Personal Approach 

We know every person is unique, as is every home.

We work alongside you in your home to help you find creative solutions and systems that put your unique needs and desires first. You can be sure that you will feel seen and heard.

Curious Freedom squiggle depicting confusion through to clarity.

Supportive Community

Listen weekly to Curious Freedom with Kirsty Farrugia and friends’ podcasts. Available on all podcast players or here on the website.

Our Facebook community also provides support as you seek out curiosity and freedom.

Ready to Get Started?

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Team NSW



Declutter Coach - Sydney

Before becoming a Declutter Coach, I was busy making people’s travel dreams come true as a travel agent, and subsidising my own wander-lust. At last count I have visited 29 countries! I’ve also lived and studied in the UK and The Netherlands.

I love order and feel most calm when my home is clutter-free and organised. My motto is “a place for everything and everything in its place.

I’ve always been fascinated about what makes us tick, getting curious about the reasons why we do what we do (or don’t do). It’s incredible how a change of perspective can shift even the most stubborn of patterns.

I am a life-long learner and am currently studying to become a counsellor. I am a voracious reader, avid gardener, animal lover, wanna-be painter and love performing in community theatre productions.



Declutter Coach - Sydney

Hello, I’m Paula. I have worked extensively in the community services sector and believe in making a difference in people’s lives one act of service at the time.

I’m a natural organiser and love to apply my experience to help others as well as to keep learning along the way. I can relate to people from all walks of life including those with disabilities.

I’m the proud mum of three adult sons which has kept me busy in finding ways to maintain our home and life clutter free.

When I’m not decluttering I love to read, dance and go to the beach.

I look forward to working with you and helping you flourish in your life in whichever stage of decluttering you are at.



Declutter Coach - Sydney

I’m a detail-oriented and crafty person. I have loved sorting for as long as I remember and have always been passionate about organising & creating pretty things of any kind. I enjoy my time in the kitchen a lot; organising the kitchen and pantry is exciting. Craft room and home office are some of my other favourites.

I have a big heart for working with children, helping them learn and grow. I have three sons & I’m a mum of a child with additional needs, one of whom has Angelman Syndrome. I understand the challenges, struggles and support needed.
I’m also a cancer survivor. The cancer journey has taught me life is too short to be filled with things that don’t bring us joy. Being curious and taking the time to reassess our priorities is a way of living intentionally and striving for freedom.

I always love to learn something new. I am also a calligrapher, jewellery designer and martial artist. Outside work, you will find me volunteering at church or crafting or doing Karate with my boys at the dojo.

No matter how chaotic and messy a space is, an open mind, positive attitude, focus on goals, and creativity can entirely transform a space. I am delighted and honoured to help others find their peace and freedom. I look forward to being your partner on your decluttering and organising journey to create a home you enjoy living in.



Declutter Coach - Sydney

I’ve been a Declutter Coach since 2021 and I absolutely love it! It is my dream job working with clients to help them find freedom in their homes.

Before coaching, I worked with as a nanny and before that I was a children’s educator, totalling about 10 years working with children. So in reality, I’ve been organising and decluttering for as long as that!

When I’m not coaching clients, it is very likely that I’m decluttering my own home otherwise I could be studying, checking out a thrift shop, eating or cooking yummy food, or playing music with my husband at our church.



Declutter Coach - Sydney

I have always been passionate about organising and remember sorting my barbies and toys into categories from a very young age. 

My background is in community welfare which has given me the opportunity to support and walk alongside families from all backgrounds. I am passionate about supporting families to create change. and enjoy the journey of decluttering to then create new systems and structures. As a busy mum of three school-aged children, I know how helpful routines and daily patterns can be for families. 

On the weekend you will find me reading my book with a cup of tea in the sunshine, or heading to yoga or the beach.

Team VIC



Declutter Coach - Melbourne

I actively practice minimalism in my home and mind.(Physically, I don’t own many possessions. Mentally, I aim to release thoughts and responses that do not serve me or those around me).

I seek adventure and fun in all that I do, and I am up for most challenges!

 My hobbies change like the weather, but currently I enjoy reading, creating art, cooking, and hiking.

 I am passionate about achieving goals, sitting in positive discomfort to allow for growth and development, and living a simple and intentional life.

 I truly enjoy supporting and empowering people in creating a functional home that serves their unique preferences and needs.




Declutter Coach - Gippsland

Hello, I’m Kristy. I am a Declutter Coach, working with clients in the south east of Melbourne and Gippsland regions.

I wear many hats – as a mum, wife, early childhood teacher and Declutter Coach! A key theme across all of these areas is my desire to connect, help and support those around me to be engaged in the physical spaces, places and seasons in life. Reducing the overwhelm and clutter in a busy life provides room for individuals and families to explore and enjoy their spaces to their fullest potential.

Freedom to be and do what makes us happy is the ultimate goal, and I look forward to working with clients achieve their goals in their own homes.

My spare time involves heading off in the caravan to find the next adventure, cooking over fire and discovering new plants and vegetables to grow in our new gardens. Joining the boys in their sporting events, and helping in the community where we can.

Curiosity is the invitation

Freedom the destination

We are Declutter Coaches who help you go from clutter to clarity & find your curious freedom

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